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2017 Toyota Hilux Release Date Australia

Get information about 2017 Toyota Hilux Release Date Australia. 2017 Toyota Hilux is one of the most awaited pickup truck automotive in Australia, Toyota Hilux is one of the most sold SUV in Australia in the year 2016. Toyota hilux is the 4th most selling vehicle in Australia with the top two spots going to Mazda 3 and Toyota Corolla cars, while the third rank goes to another SUV ford Ranger, the rival of Toyota hilux. More than 2300 units of 2016 Toyota Hilux model got sold in January 2016, and the trend is going to rise has the Australian people are preferring SUV over passenger cars. Read on to know more about 2017 Toyota Hilux Release Date Australia.

2017 Toyota Hilux Release Date Australia

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2017 Toyota Hilux Release Date Australia




Confirmed = Release date officially confirmed; Expected = Expected release date, will be updated once confirmed; Not Known = Release date clues not yet available; Note: Release date is subject to change.


2017 Toyota Hilux Details

Toyota is the number one selling automobile brand in Australia which sells more than 10000 ka units per month. If we consider the sales, after Toyota, Malda tree and on the other number 2 and number 3 top selling brands in Australia. Japanese car maker Toyota is mainly concentrated on Toyota Corolla and Toyota hilux as these are the top two selling products in Australia. 2017 Toyota Hilux will have some modifications and upgrades, there may be also facelift. The model will be its generation and there will be many updates, both interior and exterior. The first model of Toyota hilux came way back in 1968 until now the company has sold more than 15 Million units worldwide. The 2007 model will have more features and specifications will be improved. The exact release date of 2017 Toyota hilux is not yet announced by the company, but they gave a clue that it may be released in the last quarter of the Year 2016. Toyota hilux is call by different names in different parts of the world and it’s one of the popular car in many countries along with the Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Innova. If you can’t wait till the release date, then you can buy a second hand used Toyota hilux in Australia. The 2017 Toyota hilux Range includes single cab, extra cab and double cab with many amazing features like dual airbags, Bluetooth and 3 years warranty. Once launched, you can buy Toyota HiLux with best offers from the company.

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