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Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date Australia – 2017 Edge Smartphone

Get information about Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date Australia. Samsung Galaxy S8 is the newest Smartphone in the S series expected to be bigger. The S series is the revered models among Smartphone and is the epitome that consumers wish to see. The Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge is expected to deliver amazing visual appeal, superior durability, high quality visuals, enhanced functionality and unique productive, totally redefining Smartphone trends. There are high expectations and people are awaiting the announcement of the Samsung galaxy S8 release date Australia. Samsung is known to offer best Smartphone’s and the producers of Smartphone also take utmost care in pleasing their customers that it is worth waiting. So, when is Samsung Galaxy S8 coming out in Australia? Read on to know the answer.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date Australia

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date Australia




Confirmed = Release date officially confirmed; Expected = Expected release date, will be updated once confirmed; Not Known = Release date clues not yet available; Note: Release date is subject to change.


Samsung Galaxy S8 Details

Samsung Galaxy S8  and S8 Edge release date in Australia is expected only next year the same time period, the 2nd quarter of 2017.  Though, it is expected of S8 to have amazing specifications, here is a list of the specs.

Steal a look of the features and specs of Samsung galaxy s8 to arrive

Camera Features

Smartphone will offer maximum photo and video experience. This will include HDR, auto laser focus, optical image stabilization, facial recognition and Geo-tagging.

Memory Options

S8 will have improved memory options featuring 64 and 128 GB.

Expandable micro dual SD cards

The memory feature is an expandable memory option facilitating insertion of dual micro SD cards. With this device the storage space will not be a big issue.


Samsung Galaxy S8 phone will feature a 6 GB RAM. It will have an enhanced performance.

Screen Display

The S8 will feature a 5.3” 4K display with a screen resolution of 4096 x 2160. The screen display will offer perfect viewing and will be clear and wide enough.


The S8 will be equipped with a 6200mAh capacity powerful battery. This means you can surf continuously for two days with this battery.

Other Features

  • Wireless charging will be allowed.
  • You can charge up to 80% in 10 minutes time. Within 20 minutes the battery capacity may be filled.

Rumored Features

  • Flexible screen in one of the S8 models and the price will be a bit higher.
  • New android operating system
  • C port in USB type allowing fast data transfer.

The above mentioned features are expected to see on the release of S8.  Nevertheless, headphone, a charger, outer casing and external battery will be the regular accessories coming with the smart phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Videos

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